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5 Ways to Transform Company Culture

Company culture isn't about everyone being just like you, it's about having an organization that shares in the same values, and ultimately, want the same thing.

Early in one company I was a part of, I was able to witness what happens when a company goes from having no company culture and not so happy employees, to an organization full of happy employees that had a good sense of ownership. People started keeping the place clean and organized without being pestered to do so. Employees started having great attitudes all the time and started hanging out together after hours. Job satisfaction went way up, turn over went down, and communication between employees and managers became nearly stress free. Ultimately this resulted in higher client satisfaction, more positive reviews, and great word of mouth. Combined, creating a positive company culture, created a happier work environment, happier clients, and more revenue for the organization.

Five Tips for Amazing Company Culture

1. Core Values - When your team is focused on the core values of the company, they are sharing a like mindset, and ultimately, this will form your company culture. Keep the core values in front of their face all the time. Refer to them in your newsletter, talk about them in meetings, and use them when problem solving. Using your core values will help tremendously in the hiring process, it will help bring people that already align with your company culture, and will weed out those that don't.

2. Party With a Purpose - As Richard Branson says, "Have parties and have them often!" Nothing builds a team better than parties with team building activities, and contests. Let loose and have fun, with no office talk. Let your employees know that you like to have fun and think it's okay to let your hair down after hours. This will make everyone feel as if they know one another and share memories together. Be sure to spend time with your employees and let each one know how much you appreciate what they do. Having parties will make everyone happier to work for your organization, work together, and will make you more approachable. Don't forget to have professional pictures taken of your team having a great time and post them throughout the office hallways, kitchen, or in a place where staff converge. It reminds them of all the good times they have had with you and makes new employees want to be part of the team!

3. Give Them a Voice - Meet with your employees in a group and one on one. Let them know that it's okay to talk about problems that need to be solved, without repercussions. Employee’s biggest fears is that they are going to be judged, or fired, because of a problem. Let them know that all you want, is for problems to be solved, and for business to keep moving forward. And since you both agree that that is what is best for the company, they are free to bring up whatever issues they are having, without fear of anyone losing their job.

4. Survey Says - Send out anonymous surveys for company satisfaction and share them with your organization. You don't have to share everything, but you can let them know that the areas that scored high, the areas that scored low, and what you plan to do about it. After a few weeks of people seeing their problems getting solved and learning that you really do care, happiness levels can't help but rise.

5. Let Them Know That You Want Their Dreams to Come True- Staff can feel like their lives are being swallowed up by work and that their company just wants their time, in exchange for money. Let them know that you care about their lives outside the company as well. Talk about their families, talk about their activities, and hobbies. Let them know that you care about the whole person, not just the employee side of them. Encourage them to take vacations, take time to be with family, and to do the things that make them happy. Let them know that you think it is important that they feel fulfilled and are always growing as human beings.

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