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Strong Resume or Shared Vision

I love to watch Steve Jobs in interviews and I really wish I could have met him before he passed on. The guy was way ahead of his time, not just with the technology he brought to market, but with what he did with team building, core values, and company culture.

Steve knew that the best people were passionate about his products, he would get them on track with his vision and then let them work. He always pushed them to do better and to want it as much as he did. Jobs would find people that were, "insanely great at what they did but were not seasoned professionals." What he looked for, was passion, enthusiasm, and a deep desire to be a part of his team. Why settle for any less?

Steve Jobs knew that his core values had to be implemented during the recruiting process. You have to hire A players, people that want to be the best, and always do their best. When you have a small team of A players, they become "self-policing" as Jobs explains. He would take a prospective new team member around to meet everyone, sometimes twice, to make sure they were a fit with Apple's company culture.

They made a lot of mistakes along the way and learned many things, but in the end, they had a revolutionary product and a team of committed individuals. Every Macintosh was sent out with copies of the signatures of the entire team engraved inside. No one would know they were there, they didn't do it for the consumer, they did it as a seal of approval, to say, we did our absolute best and we are proud of that. The team Jobs put together put in tons of overtime and self-sacrifice, but they loved it. They loved it because they were a part of something bigger, they were changing the world and they knew it! When you have a strong vision of what you want your product or service to be, it gives your organization something to aspire to, and believe me, they will!

Now watch Steve Jobs, in his own words, explain the importance of having a vision and company culture.

Learn more about how to implement a strong company culture in your organization.

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