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Getting Your Company on Track to $1 Million - It's Easier Than You Think

Getting Your Company on Track to $1 Million - It's Easier Than You Think

You may feel that reaching a million dollars a year is out of reach or even impossible for your company to achieve. Sometimes it can feel like getting sales is like pulling teeth and having a million dollar goal isn't in the cards for the time being. I've been there and I know how to get out. I'm not just talking about rapidly scaling your company, I'm talking about getting on the track to $1 million and moving forward. Right now you may be on a different track. It feels the same, you are working hard, and want to move in the direction of compounding sales growth, but you are still not getting there.

Sometimes the wrong track can have the same feeling as the right one. For example, you may have as many clients that you can currently handle, and you are overbooked. This can feel good because the phone is ringing off the hook and you are turning away business. However, being overwhelmed with clients is a negative thing, and can hurt you. It's a clear indicator that you are not charging enough for your services and your clients are taking advantage of it.

You are on the wrong track and moving in the wrong direction. The good news is that it's not hard to get on the right track, you can do small things each day that move you in the direction you want to go, and cumulatively you will get to the goal. This is where time is on your side, the small things you do today will add up to big things for your organization tomorrow. So where do we start? Let's take a look.

Staying Focused on What Matters

Getting Your Company on Track to $1 Million - It's Easier Than You Think

We all have different daily work routines and can have days, even weeks, go by without ever taking a time out to focus on the future of the company. Having a daily focus plan to look at will quickly take your business to the next level. It only takes five to ten minutes and after you see the results it can produce, you won't want to live without it.

Keeping a clear focus on what we need to do next to move our company forward can be very difficult, if not impossible if you don't have your goals written out and don't have a clear idea of where you want to take your company. A focus plan is a one page document that you keep a list of goals on. It's broken up into 90 day goals, 12 month goals, and 3 year goals. It briefly describes what actions each goal needs to make it happen, who is responsible for it, and a targeted date of completion.

There are then four areas that are MUST DOs that cover daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. We only put one sentence in each column, so we can quickly look at it, and know what we need to do next. Under daily I put, Write one article, because providing content is the #1 thing I need to do each day. So you can continue this by asking yourself the question, "What do I need to produce each day, week, month, and quarter?". You will be surprised how the answers come, how new goals that will make your company grow are created, and you can feel yourself getting more and more on the right track to $1 million dollars.

Million Dollar Focus Plan

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